“Dr. Austin is, simply put, the best orthodontist on the Westside for children and adults. As a dental healthcare professional for 26 years, I have worked with many orthodontists, and none have impressed me like this man. His joyful and informed attitude about his profession shine with each office visit. Having that sheepskin from Harvard doesn’t hurt!

“I have a friend who is currently in treatment with Dr. Austin for adult Invisalign clear aligner orthodontics. Every time I see him he raves about the excellent care he is receiving. It’s never too late to improve your smile, and Dr. Austin and team really know the best way to achieve a new smile! Also important to note: Dr. Austin really pays attention to the whole wellness of his patients — he is not narrowly focused on ‘teeth straightening.’ With his love of surfing and all things outdoors, he helps his patients stay on track for a long, healthy life. The office has a great rewards program for children in treatment to make sure they are seeing their general dentist at appropriate intervals to ensure healthy gums and teeth … if only all orthodontists had this figured out. This is THE place for orthodontics.

– Jennie D.

“Dr. Austin is one of the best healthcare professionals that I have met. He is a skilled professional who truly cares about his patients. Both of my sons are under his care, and I am extremely pleased with his work. Our dentist routinely compliments Dr. Austin’s good work and is impressed with the results. I highly recommend Dr. Austin and his wonderful staff.

-Leslie B.

“Just by walking in the office, a smile appears on your face. Everyone who works there is extremely nice and helpful. The office is also always decorated for the season! 😉 Dr. Austin is very experienced, so the process is not painful at all. I’ve had my braces for 2 years now, and there’s been a huge difference since the start. Thank you, Dr. Austin! 🙂

— Ashyah H.

“Getting straight teeth is just the end result. The journey is actually the fun. Coming to orthodontic appointments is far from a drag here at Dr. Austin’s. The upbeat office outfitted in authentic surf memorabilia keeps minds busy and the stoke high. The office crew is so helpful and personable. TVs, movies, great music, cool peeps … all at an orthodontic appointment? Dr. Austin knows what’s up — he’s all business (which is what you want in your doctor) and knows how to make the process really fun. Time is measured by points and prizes; good habits don’t go unnoticed, they’re rewarded! And in the end, you get the best smile your face can give you. Win-Win. Thanks, Dr. Austin, et al.!

— William S.

“There are not enough good thigs I can say about Dr. Austin and his staff. From the beginning, I was greeted with such friendliness and the vibe in the office was so great and continued to be great throughout my treatment. My teeth look amazing and Dr. Austin and his staff’s willingness to work with my crazy schedule and questions were an added bonus. I asked to speak with the doc a few times and he never failed to call me back right away with all the answers. He really is there to make you happy throughout your whole treatment and not just once you meet him and sign papers and I think that’s pretty cool.

— Jasmine M.