Austin Orthodontics in Santa Monica for Invisalign Teen

Dr Austin and his team at Austin Orthodontics in Santa Monica are focused on keeping up with the latest technological advancements in orthodontics. Clear aligner technology, or Invisalign, makes it possible to move teeth through a series of virtually clear aligners. Due to market demand, Align Technology, the makers of Invisalign, developed Invisalign Teen in 2008. Invisalign Teen offers some specific advantages for the patient and parents.

Is Teen Invisalign the Right Choice for My Teen?

Compliance is the key to success while using Invisalign Teen. We are committed to excellent results, so Dr. Austin and the team pay special attention at each appointment to insure the treatment results have been achieved Since the success of each Invisalign teen treatment is a team approach, we are all dedicated to creating the best outcomes possible. At AO we include parents and family members in the process, so everyone can help support the success of the treatment.

Invisalign Teen offers some specific advantages for the patient and parents.

  • Advantage #1 – Blue dot compliance indicators are located on each set of aligners letting Dr. Austin monitor your teen’s wear so he can share the progress of treatment at each appointment. These dots provide critical information because each aligner requires 22 hours per day of wear to accomplish the .25 mm of correction to stay on track.
  • Advantage #2 – You get up to 6 replacement aligners FREE should your teen lose any.
  • Advantage #3 – No metal brackets or wires to hold your teen back from doing the things they want to do. Additionally, there is no need for emergency visits. No broken brackets or wires to ruin your weekend or miss school.
  • Advantage #4 – No food restrictions and better ability to keep the teeth clean. No decalcification (white spots) from plaque build-up around brackets.

To help you decide whether Invisalign might be right for your teen, please call Austin Orthodontics in Santa Monica at (310) 393-8233 to schedule an appointment for a complimentary consultation.