The Magic of Austin Orthodonics

Here are photos of two patients treated by Dr. Austin.

Patient 1

When this patient came to Austin Orthodontics in Santa Monica, she was unhappy with her teeth and reluctant to smile. Her chief complaint was crowding of her teeth. She was the owner of a bar and grill and was often required to meet and greet guests, as well as, going out into the community to promote the business. She wanted braces but was concerned that it would take years to correct her problem. She discussed her concerns and goals with dr. Austin and together they developed a treatment plan best suited for her specific needs. One of the main objectives was to limit the amount of time she would have to wear braces. After 21 months of wearing metal braces, she was pleased to see her new smile.

Patient 2

Like most people that come to Austin Orthodontics in Santa Monica, this patient dreamed about having a beautiful smile. During the initial consultation, Dr. Austin realized that she had a poor history of dental care. She was frustrated that she would never have the smile that she desired. She had been told, that she would have to have teeth extracted in order to achieve the desired outcome. However, a prior bad experience having teeth removed prevented her from starting treatment. She did not want to lose anymore teeth. Dr. Austin designed a treatment protocol where he could use a non-extraction technique that included braces to align her teeth. The estimated time to complete her treatment plan was thirty months. The patient was trilled with the results when the braces were removed three months ahead of schedule.

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